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Availability of Houses
Plot No.TypePriceAvailabilityEnquire
45The Alder--Sold
40The Basal--Sold
31The Cambium--Sold
32The Cambium £610,000.00Available
33The Cambium £610,000.00Available
34The Cambium £610,000.00Available
35The Cambium £610,000.00Available
10The Hawthorn £475,000.00Available
12The Hawthorn--Reserved
37The Hornbeam £555,000.00Available
38The Hornbeam £555,000.00Available
39The Hornbeam £555,000.00Available
36The Larch--Sold
30The Sapwood £665,000.00Available
41The Wayleave £675,000.00Available
42The Wayleave £675,000.00Available
43The Wayleave £675,000.00Available
44The Wayleave £675,000.00Available
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