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Cliveden Village
Cliveden Village

Exceptional lifestyle.

The range of services and facilities available within Cliveden Village and the adjoining estate ensure residents enjoy quite an exceptional lifestyle.

National Trust gardeners maintain the wooded landscape surrounding the village. An Estate Manager oversees day-to-day life within the village itself, dealing with everything from communal maintenance, landscaping and window cleaning to refuse collection and recycling. The Manager is also available to accept home deliveries and provides a constant presence, keeping an eye on things 24 hours a day. CCTV links the Manager's office to the underground apartment car park, while each home is fitted with a burglar alarm and, in the case of the apartments, video door entry systems.

As the community takes shape, Cliveden Village will become an extraordinary place to live. Specially designated communal buildings will cater for residents' interests, providing places to meet and perhaps keep fit, to relax and enjoy life. Throughout the Cliveden Estate, with its National Trust cafes and the von Essen luxury hotel, there are a host of both informal and sophisticated dining and leisure options.

Tel: 01628 668835