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Caring for the Environment
Caring for the Environment

Cliveden Village has a very strong environmental agenda, both in terms of the materials chosen for construction and in the actual design of the homes. Wherever possible and viable, the homes are built using materials that are renewable, sustainable or recyclable, and carefully designed drainage across the development ensures that all rainwater is returned into the ground rather than burdening the public system.

As many properties as possible have been oriented to maximize the amount of heat that they can gain from the sun, and renewable energy is provided to a selection of properties in the form of solar hot water installations. Every home is equipped with a 'mechanical heat recovery system', which continuously circulates fresh air throughout the property whilst extracting heat from the recycled air, to help reduce energy costs.

Residents have access to a range of recycling facilities, including a green waste regime run in association with the National Trust at Cliveden. Homes are equipped with low energy external lighting, dual flush toilets and bicycle storage, and houses have water butts for garden irrigation.

As an innovative, responsible developer that believes in creating a positive legacy for future generations, Countryside Properties is committed to implementing the principles of sustainable development throughout our business. Countryside Properties was therefore delighted to be recognised as the 'Sustainable Housebuilder of the Year' at the Building Sustainability Awards 2005 and by WWF-UK and Insight Investment (a part of the HBOS Group) as the leading housebuilder surveyed in 2004, in respect of our sustainability policies and performance.

We ensure that environmental considerations are incorporated into the planning and design of all of our developments, and that the landscapes we create integrate with and enhance the surrounding natural and built environment. During construction we adhere to the principles of best construction practice and good neighbourliness through the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Throughout our business we are looking to reduce our environmental and social impacts by using the Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method known as EcoHomes.

EcoHomes is an authoritative rating for new homes. It sets out a series of best practice criteria, against which the environmental aspects of building design and operation can be assessed. Schemes are rated on the basis of Pass, through to Good, Very Good and Excellent. One to four sunflowers depict these. EcoHomes offers the benefits of reduced running costs through greater energy and water efficiency, and reduced maintenance, as well as healthy, comfortable and flexible internal environments.

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